Geoengineering program on the Island of Crete.

Nobody believes that the government allows spraying toxic substances from the air.

The government does not admit to be involved in these programs. In the south of Crete they spray night and day from millitary airplanes. A chemtrail is often noticed and it extends to a larger broad zone and eventually covers the whole sky with a white haze.

There has so far been no evidence that these activities in fact lower the temperature on the ground accordingly.

It has also been reported from non-government people that the substances that are beeing sprayed consists og Aluminium oxide naoparticles, barium and strontium oxide.

It is well known that these substances are toxic to human and animal health as well as to plants and sealife.

There has been proposed theories that the real inteton is not geoengineering but part of a depopulation program intending to reduce the number of human beeings on the planet significantly




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